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Individual Therapy

Image by Jasmin Ne

Individual therapy should fit the individual.  Everyone is unique and has their own life story.  Therapy should start with that, spending time learning about the pivotal moments in your life that have shaped you into who you are today.  Goals in therapy are deeply personal.  Timing is everything. I practice from a client centered approach and will meet you where you are ready to start.  My goal is to help promote the best you and offer evidenced based interventions to treat illness and foster a healthy lifestyle .  Once we have a mutual understanding of your goals we can discuss course of treatment and purpose.  Good therapy is not forever and our time together should reflect that, moving forward one breath at a time.

 All Individual sessions
  • Are one hour in length (55 minutes) with a fee of $160.    
  • My services may be covered by third party health insurance.  Every policy is different please check ahead of time with your provider, clarify services will be provided by a Registered Psychiatric Nurse.  
  • Direct billing available for First Nation and Inuit Health Branch.
  • Please note it is your responsibility to know the limits of your individual coverage.
DBT Group
  • Groups are two hours in length with a fee of $ 100. 
  • Intakes/new participants are welcome at the beginning of each module.
  • Modules are 8 weeks long covering all four modules 
    • Interpersonal Effectiveness - 2 weeks Core Mindfulness and 6 weeks IPE.
    • Emotional Regulation - 2 weeks Core Mindfulness and 6 weeks ER.
    • Distress Tolerance - 2 weeks Core Mindfulness and 6 weeks DT.
  • Standard DBT Treatment - Comprehensive intervention of group, individual therapy and skills coaching in between sessions.  This mode is designed for individuals who are experiencing significant symptoms and life threatening behaviours.  
  • DBT Family Support is a service for families or loved ones of individuals experiencing emotional and behavioural dsyregulation. Click here to learn more
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